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February, 2019

Dear reader, a new website is on its way. Expected to be ready in March 2019. So sorry for the inconvenience if this one is not working properly!

February 2019
Dear reader, a new website is on its way. Expected to be ready in March 2019. So sorry for the inconvenience if this one is not working properly!

June 2018

I just came back from Ukraine to continue the project Debaltsevo, Where Are You? about people that left the place Debaltsevo in East- Ukraine during the current war. Debaltsevo is also the place where my grandmother was born. Debaltsevo, Where Are You? is a photographic documentary about daily life in Ukraine, love, hope, and displacement. A personal story that connects with the past and the present. To be continued...

March 2018

Last week the Bij Ons Thuis/ At Our Home exhibition opened and it was great! Writer Abdelkader Benali did an opening speech.

The Nutshuis crew made a very nice 1-minute video of our exhibition. Have a look in the link below:

February 24, 2018

On February 24th, our exibition Bij Ons Thuis will open @ Nutshuis Den Haag. A photovoice photography and storytelling project in collaboration with Karijn Kakebeeke, Picture Bridge Foundation and Het Nutshuis about elderly migrants in The Netherlands and their (grand)children.

January 21, 2018

I am super happy that my film What Time is It? Is nominated for the Annual Awards of Shortcutz Amsterdam in the Best Documentary category. Many special guests will be present as Heddy Honigmann, Jan Harlan (producer of The Shining), and many more..

September 26, 2017

(In Dutch) Samen met Karijn Kakebeeke, Picture Bridge Foundation, Het Nutshuis Den Haag en De Schildershoek ben ik een nieuw fotografie (participatie)project gestart.
Bij Ons Thuis is een project waarin mensen van allerlei verschillende achtergronden d.m.v. storytelling en fotografie reflecteren op leven tussen twee culturen, tradities en (mantel) zorg voor oudere gezinsleden. Voor meer informatie, volg onze facebookpagina! Het project zal gepresenteerd worden in Februari 2018. Wordt vervolgd!

September 25, 2017

I am happy and proud to announce that What Time Is It? is going to Mexico!! Selected for Ultra Cinema Festival in Cholula, Puebla (MX) in the Archive Fever selection! From November 30th until December 3rd!

July 3, 2017

Yes! What Time Is It? is selected for Still Voices Short Film Festival in Ballymahon, Co.Longford in Ireland! August 18-20th.

June 15, 2017

Olé! What Time Is It? will be shown at Feria Internacional de Cine Independiente, FECIBogotá, Colombia!

June 2017,

Last month I went to Ukraine to make a first start with my project Debaltsevo, Where Are You? about people that left the place Debaltsevo in East- Ukraine during the current war. Debaltsevo is also the place where my grandmother was born. Debaltsevo, Where Are You? is a photographic documentary about love, hope, and displacement. A personal story that connects with the past and the present. A story of multiple stories about the same location. To be continued...

April 29, 2017
For the next weeks What Time Is It? is going on tour again!
- On sunday April 30 @ Sunday Shorts in London (UK)

- On saturday May 13, 2017 @ Leiden International Short Film Experience

- On sunday May 21 @ Rotterdams Open Doek Filmfestival

- And on June 9 @ Haverhill Experimental Film Festival in Haverhill (USA) http://www.haverhillexperimental.org/

April 6, 2017

Yes! What Time Is It? is selected for South London Shorts in the UK and will be screened on April 6th!

March 28, 2017

What Time Is It? will be screened at the #139 Shortcutz Amsterdam Session. Together with work from Job, Joris& Marieke, a Dutch Acadamy Award-nominated animation studio and Frouwkje van Wengerden, a Dutch Documentary maker. 8:00 pm- 11:00 pm at De kring Amsterdam. For more info, check the website.

February 27th, 2017

I'm very happy to announce that What Time Is It? will be shown daily for the next weeks in Filmhuis Den Haag before the film Het Doet Zo Zeer from director Heleen van Royen (winner 2nd prize audience award of IFFR). For more info and times see link (in Dutch):

February 15-17, 2017,

Last week I did an amazing training at PhotoVoice in Brixton, London, UK, and now I am a certified PhotoVoice trainer. PhotoVoice’s mission is to build skills within disadvantaged and marginalised communities. To achieve this, we utilise innovative participatory photography and digital storytelling methods. These skills enable individuals to represent themselves and create tools for advocacy and communication. Through this, and through developing partnerships, we deliver positive social change.
Check the site to see what PhotoVoice is about:

February 7, 2017
(In Dutch) Talkshow: Babel&Co heeft me uitgenodigd om deel te nemen aan hun talkshow
Babel&Co. is de talkshow over cultuur en politiek van de Haagse podia. Tijdens CaDance-editie gaan we op zoek naar de relatie van makers en hun publiek. Hebben ze dat in het vizier, of laten ze dat over aan anderen? En speelt het publiek een rol in het maakproces, in persoon of mentaal? We praten met choreografe Marina Mascarrel, beeldend kunstenaar Karine Versluis. [..]
Scherp, interactief en inspirerend voor iedereen die nieuwsgierig is naar wat de actualiteit van politiek en cultuur.

December 28th, 2016,

I'm very happy to announce that What Time Is It? is selected for the Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Arte sobre Enfermedades FICAE - Diseases International Short Film and Art Festival. March 1-5 2017 in Valencia, Spain!

September -October, 2016

What Time Is It? is the winner of the Best Experimental Short Film Award at the Short To The Point Film Festival September 2016 Awards. The film will be showed in different places in Romania in December this year :-)

September 25th, 2016

On September 25th my first film What Time Is It? will have its premiere at the Dutch Film Festival!
The film visualizes several questions about memory and identity. It touches the borders of fiction and reality. The film asks questions about who we are. What makes us who we are, if we cannot share our memories anymore with the ones with whom we experienced them?

Directed, Edited and Produced by: Karine Versluis
Super8-Images: Your Lost Memories
Music and composing: Maxim Shalygin
Sounddesign: Karine Versluis and Pepijn van Dorst
Sound Post Production: Pepijn van Dorst
Post Production (DCP): Rob Maas.

The premiere is already sold out but for Wednesday September 28th there are still tickets available. Check the link below (in Dutch) for more information.

July 22nd, 2016,

I am super happy to announce that my first (short) film What Time Is It? is nominated for the Debute Award and will have its premiere at the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht this september!! More info coming soon

June 04 - August 21, 2016

Come and see the All You Can Art exhibition of Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) in Kunsthal Rotterdam! An exhibition of 10 years IBB! The place where I did an artist-in-residence in 2008 and 2009 to work on my Enkeltje Schiphol/One-Way Ticket To Schiphol Airport project. My work is also shown in the exhibition.


September 2015,

Out now! Book publication Dankzij Sem. With dutch documentary photography projects between 2000-2015 funded by Sem Presser Archive.

Sept 25 - Oct 31, 2015,

One Day I'm Gonna Make It project is selected for the Encontros Da Imagem Photofestival in Braga, Portugal!

July 15, 2015,

On July 15th at 14h I will give a presentation about my STAPHORST project at OjodePez Photomeeting Barcelona '15! For more information see the programm of the festival.

June 25, 2015,

Together with Katia Repina And Luca Aimi we are working on an audiovisual photo/film project about cruisers. Cruisers? yes, cruisers. But this time I am not the photographer, but the editor! Curious? On June 25th our teaser of the project I Don't Need To Know You will be shown at DOCfield. Fotografia Doumental Barcelona Nits Outdoor Screenings that start @22h. Placa de Sant Joaquim (Gràcia). Come and see!

June 1, 2015,

Last week I met the organisers from the Kolga Tbilisi Festival and they brought me the beautiful catalogue with my work included, together with many great work of other photographers!

May 1-7, 2015,

A photo from the STAPHORST project is selected for the Kolga Award, at the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival 2015!

Oct 25 / Nov 26, 2014,

I am very happy to announce that my work One Day I'm Gonna Make It will be exhibited at the Lagos Photofestival 2014! For more info check: http://www.lagosphotofestival.com/

July 3, 2014

Back to school! In October I will start a Postgraduate in Audiovisual Editing as a Creative Form in Barcelona at the University Pompeu Fabra-IDEC.
With many thanks to Foundation dr. Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fund and Prince Bernhard Culturefellowship who granted me with a Young Talent Award to stimulate talented artists and scientists abroad.

June 25, 2014

FOTODOK and Waterspaarders invited me to do a photography-workshop with children from 9/12 years old at primary school CBS in Rheezerveen.

June 25, 2014

FOTODOK invites you to an evening on the value of international exchange projects. Why are they important? What are the direct and indirect effects on (lens-based) art and photography practices? Who initiates and facilitates them and how? During Exchange as Space, photographers, (lens-based) artists and the institutions that support them reflect on these questions and their experiences of international exchange.
With Anna Dasovic (NL), Daniel Santiago Salguero (COL), Juul Hondius, (NL) Karine Versluis (NL) en verder Mayke Jongsma (Mondriaan Fonds), Binna Choi (Casco), Tony Evanko (C3P) and Femke Lutgerink (FOTODOK)

June 8, 2014

A.s. zondag 8 juni ben ik gevraagd als spreker bij het Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, over cliches en beeldvorming in de media.
Hoe gaan de media om met kleur? Zijn zwarte mensen uberhaupt zichtbaar? En hoe manifesteert zich dat in taal en beeld? Naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling Zwart & Wit in het Tropenmuseum gaat journaliste Seada Nourhussen (Trouw, Afrika-redacteur) in gesprek met oa modejournaliste Janice Deul (Glamour, HDC Media) muziekjournalist Pablo Cabenda (Volkskrant), hiphopjournalist Saul van Stapele en fotografe Karine Versluis over de zin en onzin van politieke correctheid rond kleur. Voor meer informatie zie website:

January 30 / April 25, 2014

Exhibition Look at you. How do we look at the African continent, and how do they look at us?
This ASC exhibition is a duo exhibition with work by Frouwkje Smit and Karine Versluis. How do we look at the African continent, and how do they look at us? Which images are presented to us in the media, at school, and by development organizations? What are the elements that construct our collective memory? The works in Look at you invite the visitor to think about prejudice and the way we construct an image of the other.
During the opening on Tuesday 11 February 2014, 16.00-17.15, there will be a debate and discussion about the way our perception of the other is formed. Frouwkje Smit and Karine Versluis will dialogue with Felix U. Kaputu, who was born in the Democratic Republic in Congo. He is a Professor specialized in African Studies, African Politics, Literature Religion, Diaspora, Art and Pedagogy.

January 30, 2014

Radio interview about the exhibition Look At You on VPRO Buitenland Radio 1, about the exhibition Look At You in the African Studies Centre (in Dutch).

November, 2013

Out now, De Grote Haagse Kunstkalender 2014, with my page on July 12!

November, 2013

Coverphoto for the book Everyday Lived Islam in Europe that offers a new direction for the study of contemporary Islam by focusing on what being Muslim means in peoples everyday lives. Leiden University, University of Copenhagen, University of Lancaster. Ashgate Publishing.

July 30, 2013

Out now! Peninsula is a photozine that shows the work of eight young photographers with a special relationship to either Spain or Portugal.
Featured in the zine are: Carlos Cancela Pinto, Aitor Gametxo, Alba Yruela, Carla Andrade, Karine Versluis, Joao Sobral, Lluis Tudela and Iciar J. Carrasco.
Edited by: Elisa Nelissen and Carlos Cancela Pinto.

March 14- July 28, 2013
'One day I'm gonna make it'
New exhibition with new work + publication!

One day I'm gonna make it
Photo exhibition with images & audio. Humanity House Den Haag
One day I'm gonna make it is a project about dreams in life. Last summer I travelled to Lagos (Nigeria) where I met a number of young women who had come from eastern Nigeria to Lagos to start a new life for themselves. Some of them dreamed of going further, to Europe, because they had heard such good stories about it.
One day I'm gonna make it is an exhibition in which photographic images come to life through audio fragments in which various women talk about their lives and the choices that helped them get to where they are now.
One day I'm gonna make it was developed in collaboration with Femke Lutgerink, (FOTODOK), part of exchange project Converging Visions and supported by Mondriaan Fund. Graphic design: Anne Miltenburg / Audio technique: Mike Roelofs / Translation: Isabella Rozendaal. See the link for more information.

May, 2013

One Day I'm Gonna Make It in Focus Magazine!

May, 2013

One Day I'm Gonna Make It has its own Pinterest Page! During the exhibition of One Day I'm Gonna Make It visitors were asked to write down their own dreams. Check it out!

April, 2013

Interview about One Day I'm Gonna Make It in Haags Straatnieuws. Interview by Vera de Jonckheere

April, 2013

Last February I was in Zanzibar (Tanzania) where I did an assignment for OneWorld Magazine about local cooking. Now published in the April edition!

March 14, 2013
Opening of my new exhibition 'One day I'm gonna make it' in Humanity House in Den Haag! With special guest Ssuuna Golooba, founder of Surprising Europe. I hope to see you there!

December 4, 2012
Gastspreker bij Cineblend. Cineblend is een maandelijkse avond in informele sfeer met diner, film en debat. De thematiek concentreert zich op beeldvorming over culturen in de Nederlandse media en is vaak gekoppeld aan actuele maatschappelijke thema's. Andere aanwezigen zijn: Leen van der Berg (regisseur en producent bij Van der Hoop Filmproducties), Kees Brouwer (VPRO, Tegenlicht) en Wendelien Voogd (antropologe). De avond is georganiseerd door Stichting Audiovisuele Antropologie Nederland.

December 1-13, 2012
Binding Imagine @ MUZYQ Amsterdam. Zine, Photo and Graphic design book exhibition.

November 3, 2012

Sinds 3 november 2012 online, een mooie en informatieve website over Staphorst waarin materiaal is verzameld waar media, filmmakers, fotografen, schrijvers, kunstenaars en onderzoekers het dorp verbeelden. Initiatiefnemers zijn o.a. Wendelien Voogd (antropologe) en Geert-Jan Lassche (documentairemaker/ Sous Les Arbres). Ook mijn fotoboek STAPHORST is er in opgenomen en voorzien van uitgebreid commentaar door Wendelien Voogd.

October, 2012

"Als de Doubletstraat gaat sluiten dan ga ik met pensioen." Text and photography about the Doubletstraat (Redlightdistrict in Den Haag)

September- October, 2012

Converging Visions in Haags Straatnieuws!

September 12 - October 4, 2012

Making Room, group-exhibition. Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

July 17, 2012

We're all back from Lagos and it was intense, beautiful and crazy! You can read my report on the website of FOTODOK (in Dutch) with some new work about my project on 'Kuramo Beach, where I followed the life of Favour, a 21 years old girl from the east of Nigeria who came to Lagos to look for a new life there.

July, 2012

In April/ May I was back in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where I did an assignment for OneWorld Magazine, published in July.

June 13, 2012

From now on information about the Lagos project and process can be followed by facebook. See the link below:

June 04, 2012
Persbericht 'Converging Visions' (in Dutch)

June 2012

Photo of the month and a beautiful review by Anthon Fasel:
"In this image we see much of what we don't see: A dog fixated upon something is the first thing we notice: the tension in his body is almost tangible. You feel how the animal is on the brink of pouncing or ready to bite and how he's fully focused upon the next movement of the legs before him geared up in blue trousers. But then something more captures our attention: A child standing on a wall, somewhat averted to what is happening in the foreground. Another child who with slight difficulty attempts to climb up onto that same wall. For a better view? Because they're scared of the dog? Or just because climbing the wall is more exciting than the dog? We can't be sure of this, but what catches our eye is that there's a lot happening whilst seemingly nothing happens. [..]"
To read more go to:

June/July, 2012

About a year ago Emeka Okereke and me initated the idea for a documentary photography exchange between photographers from Lagos (Nigeria) and The Netherlands in collaboration with Invisible Borders, Trans African Photography Initiative in Lagos (Nigeria) and FOTODOK, international space of documentary photography in Utrecht. And finally it's confirmed. With support by Mondriaan Foundation. We're going to Lagos for 3 weeks to make new work! Together with the photographers Andrea Stultiens, David De Jong, David Galjaard, Abraham Oghobese, Chidinma Nnorom, Adolphus Opara and Emeka Okereke. We will keep a blog on the website of FOTODOK. More info coming soon!

February 10-12, 2012
Enkeltje Schiphol / One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport at Artbook fair WildBookMarket, Rotterdam

December 2011

"Vijf fotografen en een camera" When I was in Argentina I wrote an article for FOTODOK about 'Sub [cooperativa de fotografos]' a photographycollective from Buenos Aires. (Article in Dutch)

December 7, 2011

Bye bye, Margret Weet Wel Raad. After 2,5 years every three weeks a column and illustration in Haags Straatnieuws it's time for something else... Thanks everyone for reading our page! We're working on a publication with a compilation of the best columns!

September 22, 2011
Book launch

Comission:YU[E]P is a startling research report and photo book on the expectations of a group of young women of non-Western origin, living on the South Bank of Rotterdam. These well-educated women are the vanguard of an emerging middle class. In the publication, research journalists Els Desmet and Annemarie Sour let these Young Urban [Ethnic] Professional speak for themselves. The personal experiences of the ambitious young women offer leads for development and renewal of the urban environment, not only in Rotterdam. Photography by Karine Versluis and Joop Reijngoud. Graphic design by studio Beige. Editor: Post-editions

Presentation on 22nd of September in Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam.

01 September / 16 October 2011

Artist-in-residence @ Residencia Corazon in La Plata-Buenos Aires (Argentina).
With thanks to Stroom Den Haag for support.

June 27, 2011

Publication in book "De Vertoning". Een pleidooi voor individualiteit en verbeelding. Samenleving en religie in Nederland. Onno Zijlstra, Suzan ten Heuw. Artez Press.

June 24, 2011

Video-interview about Enkeltje Schiphol by Fabio Severo from e-photoreview

March 3 - June 16, 2011

Solo- exhibition Enkeltje Schiphol in Amsterdam @ Imagine IC

May 12, 2011
Evening about the relation between art and anthropology @ Imagine IC, Amsterdam. Starts at 19.30h. Organised by Framer Framed.
Kunstenaars zijn zich steeds meer actief gaan bezig houden met maatschappelijke vragen en maken daarbij dankbaar gebruik van methoden en begrippen ontwikkeld in bijvoorbeeld de antropologie. Het werk van kunstenaars en antropologen wordt beide gekenmerkt door een streven betekenis te geven aan de ons omringende wereld. De grens tussen kunst en antropologie vervaagt waar nieuwe samenwerkingsverbanden en kruisbestuivingen ontstaan.
Met Karine Versluis, Kostana Banovic, Marlous Willemsen (directeur Imagine IC), Hilde de Bruin (curator bij Cobra en voormalig Hoofd Tentoonstellingen bij Smart Project Space), Avondvoorzitter is Will Tinnemans. De inleiding op de avond wordt verzorgd door Eddy Appels, antropoloog en documentair filmmaker, en directeur van SAVAN en het Beeld voor Beeld festival. www.imagineic.nl

April 01 - April 27, 2011

Group-exhibition Docu Den Haag in bibliotheek Leidscheveen with some of my Puja photo's.

March 04, 2011

Enkeltje Schiphol in Antilliaans Dagblad!

March 02, 2011

Radio interview with Funda Mujde about Enkeltje Schiphol @ Dichtbij Nederland (3e uur, starts after 24 minutes)

February 22th, 2011

"Ogen belangrijker dan camera" (Eyes more important than camera) Article in De Stentor newspaper about workshops I gave to teenagers in Staphorst.

January 23th, 2011

Radio interview @ Den Haag FM in the program'Hot talk' by Paul Waayers. 22.00 - 23.00h 92.0 FM

October 28th - November 17th, 2010

Interview Enkeltje Schiphol in Haags Straatnieuws!

September 22, 2010
Enkeltje Schiphol in VPRO - De Avonden
Radio interview by Gijsbert van der Wal

September 13, 2010

Enkeltje Schiphol on TV! in NOS 'journaal op 3'

September 11, 2010

Enkeltje Schiphol in Trouw newspaper!
Interview by Bart Zuidervaart

September 11 - November 14, 2010

My second book is coming out on September 11th, 2010!
Enkeltje Schiphol / One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport
Together with a solo-exhibition in Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum (National Museum of Education) Rotterdam

Enkeltje Schiphol (One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport) is a photo project about young people from the Antillean island Curacao who leave their families and come to the Netherlands to study.
The presentation of the book Enkeltje Schiphol / One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport as well as the opening of the exhibition by the same name, will be on September 11th 2010 at the Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum in Rotterdam by Nancy Hoffmann, director of Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao Centre for Contemporary Art.

Enkeltje Schiphol - the book -:
17 x 23 cm / 152 pages / Photography & text: Karine Versluis / Introduction: Francio Guadeloupe / Graphic design: Remi Bouwer /
Publisher: Karine Versluis / Distribution in the Netherlands: Ef & Ef, Thorn /

September 10, 2010

Enkeltje Schiphol in NRC-NEXT newspaper!

September 10, 2010

'Curaçao zucht onder braindrain'
Enkeltje Schiphol in nos-website.
Interview by Karolien Hoevenaegel

September 10, 2010

Enkeltje Schiphol in Digiprofoto.
Interview by Jorrit Dijkstra

September 5, 2010
Radio interview about 'Enkeltje Schiphol / One Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport' at Den Haag FM in the program'Hot talk' by Paul Waayers. 22.00 - 23.00h 92.0 FM

September 5, 2010
Preview of 'Enkeltje Schiphol / One Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport' at Manuscripta Amsterdam by distributer Ef & Ef. Location: De Gashouder

August 21, 2010

'Enkeltje Schiphol' in Vrij Nederland magazine

May 2010

Out now! DH// Magazine about ART in DEN HAAG

April 1 - april 21, 2010

Mama zegt Rosse buurt vaarwel. Twintig jaar bracht ze keukenrollen en condooms naar de meisjes achter de ramen (Mama says goodbye to the redlight disctrict). Article and photo in Haags Straatnieuws.

February 2010
New website online!
Design by Remi Bouwer:
Technic by David Smeulders:

January 26, 2010
DocuDenHaag Talkshow 20.30h - 21.30h
In het kader van de expositie DocuDenHaag is in het Nutshuis een avondvullend programma over documentairefotografie georganiseerd. Met fotografen (o.a. Ad van Denderen en Karine Versluis) en opdrachtgevers (o.a. Jenny Smets beeldredacteur van Vrij Nederland) over hun werk en de documentairefotografie in Nederland. Jeroen Hofman, Willem Poelstra en Chris de Bode, op het moment alledrie genomineerd voor de zilveren camera in de categorie binnenland documentair, zullen vertellen over hun werk. Het geheel is onder leiding van journalist Margreet Reijntjes. www.nutshuis.nl

January 06, 2010
Radio interview @ De Wereldomroep about the serie Puja in Het Nutshuis

January 5 - February 19, 2010

Puja means honour or worship in Sanskrit. The photo's from Puja are about traditions and rituals of the Surinam Hindu Community in The Hague.
Groupexhibition Docu Den Haag. Opening January 5th @ 20.00h
Nutshuis, Riviervismarkt 5, Den Haag www.nutshuis.nl
Together with Bertus Gerssen, Denis Guzzo, Wim van Ophem, Hugo Schuitemaker, Kim Tieleman

October 14, 2009

Pecha Kucha Night Amsterdam #11 @ Mediamatic

August 16, 2009
Radio interview about the project 'Livingroom/ De huiskamer' at Den Haag FM in the program'Hot talk' by Paul Waayers together with local people from Moerwijk that participated in the project. 21.00 - 23.00h 92.0 FM

June/ July, 2009

Back to Curacao. Artist in residence at Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao Center of Contemporary Art. (Curacao, Dutch Antilles)
25 june, 2009 19.00 hours
Opening group exhibition at Instituto Buena Bista. To see are some images of 'Enkeltje Schiphol'. Together with Thomas Adolfs and students of IBB.

June 04, 2009 - until 2011

Opening of 'De huiskamer' (The livingroom). A huge photo of 6x7 meters I made for Stroom Den Haag and Vestia in the neighbourhood Moerwijk in Den Haag.

Donderdag 4 juni, 2009, 15.00 uur
Locatie: Heeswijkplein (hoek Erasmusweg, Medlerstraat), Den Haag

For more info look at www.stroom.nl
Thanx to Eva Flendrie www.evaflendrie.nl (assisting)
and Meta Scheltes www.metascheltes.nl (photoshopping)


Karine Versluis is a Dutch documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in The Hague.
In her work she seeks to question how people deal with their identity, culture and the society they are living in. She works with photography combined with audio, video, found footage or text.

After she obtained her bachelor in social work at the University of Arnhem & Nijmegen and the University of Barcelona, she studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In 2015 she pursued a postgraduate degree in Audiovisual Editing at the University Pompeu Fabra-IDEC in Barcelona.
In 2008 Versluis was winner of the FOTODOK Young Talent competition. In 2012 she received a Stroom Invest Grant for emerging artists in The Hague and in 2014 she received a Young Talent Award Scholarship from Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. Two books of her photographs have been published: STAPHORST (2007) and Enkeltje Schiphol/ One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport (2010). In 2016 her first shortfilm What Time Is It? had its premiere at the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht and was selected for the Debut Competition.
Work has been exhibited at the Netherlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, National Museum of Education Rotterdam, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Fotomuseum Den Haag, Humanity House Den Haag, Noorderlicht Fotofestival Groningen, Fotofruhling Kassel(DE), Lagos Photofestival (NG), Kolga Tbilisi (GE), OjodePez Photomeeting (ES), Encontros Da Imagem (PT) amongst others.

For CV scroll down

2014-2015Postgraduate. Audiovisual Editing. University Pompeu Fabra-IDEC. Barcelona (ES)
2003- 2007 BA Photography. Royal Academy of Arts. The Hague
2000- 2003BA Social Work. Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen (cum laude)
2001- 2002Social Work. University of Barcelona. (ES)

Exhibitions/ screenings(g) group, (s) solo (d) duo
2017What Time Is It? Ultra Cinema Festival. Cholula (MX)
2017What Time Is It? Still Voices Short Film Festival, Ballymahon Co.Longford(IRL)
2017What Time Is It? FECIBogota, Bogota (CO)
2017What Time Is It?Haverhill Experimental Film Festival(USA)
2017What Time Is It? Rotterdams Open Doek Film Festival
2017What Time Is It? Leiden International Short Film Experience
2017What Time Is It? Sunday Shorts, London (UK)
2017What Time Is It? South London Shorts, London (UK)
2017What Time Is It? Filmhuis Den Haag
2017What Time Is It? 3FICAE Diseases International Short Film and Art Festival Valencia (ES)
2017What Time Is It? Amsterdam Shortcutz
2016What Time Is It? Short To The Point Filmfestival (RO)
2016What Time Is It? Nederlands Filmfestival Utrecht
2016All You Can Art/ Instituto Buena Bista, Kunsthal Rotterdam(g)
2015One Day I'm Gonna Make It. Encontros Da Imagem Festival. Braga( PT)(g)
2015STAPHORST. OjodePez Photomeeting. Barcelona (ES)(g)
2015STAPHORST. Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2015 (GE)(g)
2014One Day I'm Gonna Make It. Lagos Photofestival (NG)(g)
2014One Day I'm Gonna Make It/Look at you.Leiden University(d)
2013One Day I'm Gonna Make It. Humanity House,Den Haag (s)
2012 Enkeltje Schiphol. Binding Imagine. MUZYQ, Amsterdam(g)
2012Making Room. Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag (g)
2011Observaciones. Public Space. La Plata (AR) (s)
2011Puja. DocuDenHaag. Bibliotheek Ypenburg, Den Haag (g)
2011Puja. DocuDenHaag. Bibliotheek. Leidschenveen (g)
2011Enkeltje Schiphol. Imagine IC. Amsterdam (s)
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2010Puja. Docu Den Haag. Het Nutshuis. Den Haag (g)
2009Enkeltje Schiphol. Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao (N.A) (g)
2009Livingroom. Heeswijkplein. Den Haag (until 2012) (s)
2008Enkeltje Schiphol. Hit the Road. FOTODOK. Utrecht (g)
2008Barceloneta. Straalstroom. Paraplufabriek. Nijmegen (g)
2008STAPHORST. Pages. Fotofruhling. Kassel (DE) (g)
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2007STAPHORST. Royal Academy of Arts. Den Haag (g)
2007Promise. Verbond v verzekeraars. Fotomuseum Den Haag (g)

Artist's books / publications (selection)
2013One Day I'm Gonna Make It (leporello)
2010Enkeltje Schiphol / One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport

Publication in books / catalogue
2015 Dankzij SEM, Nederlandse fotografieprojecten 2000-2015. Stichting Sem Presser Archief
2013 De grote Haagse Kunstkalender, Stroom Den Haag
2013 Cover Everyday Lived Islam in Europe. Ashgate AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Series. University of Lancaster (UK)
2013 Peninsula, We are drifters. (BE/PT)
2013 Catalogue DH/// Art in Den Haag, Stroom Den Haag
2012 Online publication www.staphorstinbeeld.nl. Initiated by Geertjan Lassche and Wendelien Voogd
2011 Book: YU[E]P, about 2nd generation non-western migrant women in the Rotterdam. Annemarie Sour, Els Desmet. Post Editions.
2011 Book: "De Vertoning". Een pleidooi voor individualiteit en verbeelding. Samenleving en religie in Nederland. Onno Zijlstra, Suzan ten Heuw. Artez Press
2010 Cover book:" Adieu aan koelies, nikkers en makambas", by Francio Guadeloupe and Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
2010 Catalogue DH// Art in Den Haag, Stroom Den Haag
2008 Catalogue FW: "Pages"
2007Catalogue Fotomanifestatie Noorderlicht "Act of Faith"
2007Catalogue Verbond van Verzekeraars "Risico en uitdaging"

Press (selection)
2014Look At You. Radio interview VPRO Buitenland. January 2014 www.radio1.nl
2013One Day I'm Gonna Make It. Focus Magazine May 2013 www.focusmedia.nl/
2012Blog about Converging Visions on FOTODOK website. July 2012 www.fotodok.org
2011Trouw newspaper, Ze zijn op weg naar de top, nu hun woonwijk nog. Over YU[E]P, September 23, 2011
2011Video-interview, e-photoreview about "Enkeltje Schiphol" by Fabio Severo. June 24th, 2011 www.e-photoreview.com
2011Radio-interview, Dichtbij Nederland, "Enkeltje Schiphol" March 02, 2011 www.dichtbijnederland.nps.nl
2010Radio-interview, VPRO- De Avonden, "Enkeltje Schiphol" September 22, 2010 www.avonden.radio6.nl
2010TV-interview op NOS, journaal op 3, "Enkeltje Schiphol" September 13, 2010 www.nos.nl
2010Trouw, "Enkeltje Schiphol, De oversteek van Antilliaanse studenten" September 11, 2010
2010NRC-NEXT, "Enkeltje Schiphol, Het eiland van vaarwel" September 10, 2010
2010Interview NOS-website, "Enkeltje Schiphol" September 10, 2010 www.nos.nl
2010Interview Digiprofoto, "Enkeltje Schiphol" September 10, 2010 www.digiprofoto.nl
2010Vrij Nederland, "Enkeltje Schiphol" August 21, 2010

Wereldomroep radio. Interview about PUJA. January 07 2010 www.rnw.nl
2008De Volkskrant, about"Enkeltje Schiphol" and FOTODOK, September, 2008

VPRO radio. Interview about "Enkeltje Schiphol" at FOTODOK festival, October 08 2008. www.vpro.nl/programma/deavonden

Wereldomroep radio. Interview about "Enkeltje Schiphol" September 13 2008. www.antilliaans.caribiana.nl

Volkskrant kunstbijlage, Terug naar Staphorst om te fotograferen, November 01 2007 www.volkskrant.nl/archief

RTV Oost. "En dan nog even dit" tv interview. October 02 2007

'De wereld draait door' tv interview (VARA). September 04 2007 www.dewerelddraaitdoor.nl
2007Trouw, "Het leven verandert in Staphorst." August 04 2007

Review on Photoq. "Fraai visitekaartje van Karine Versluis." June 23 2007 www.photoq.nl/articles/recensies

Projects (selection)
2018Bij Ons Thuis, a photovoice project about eldrly migrants and their (grand)children in The Netherlands. In collaboration with Karijn Kakebeeke and Picture Bridge Foundation
2015I Don't Need To Know You. Editor for multi-mediaproject in collaboration with Katia Repina and Luca Aimi(ES)
2011- 2012

Converging Visions. Co-founder for a photography exchange between photographers from Lagos (NG) and The Netherlands, in collaboration with Invisible borders, Fotodok and supported by Mondriaan Foundation.
2008- 2011

Marget Weet Het Beter. Illustrator and supervisor of a writer for a monthly column in Haags Straatnieuws (streetmagazine)

"Livingroom." Commissioned by Stroom Den Haag and Vestia www.stroom.nl

VSO. Photographing projects about health and HIV. commissioned by NGO VSO. www.vso.nl (IN / NP)

Haags Straatnieuws. Prostitutionspecial. www.haagsstraatnieuws.nl

"SEXY." photography and internship for SEXY, a documentary about youth, love and sexiness directed by Menna Laura Meijer (VPRO). www.vpro.nl/programma sexy www.mennameijer.nl
2006Internship. Photographic Social Vision. Barcelona (ES)

'Barceloneta- la gent gran'. Documentary about eldery people in Barcelona (Spain) in collaboration with NGO Barceloneta Alerta

"Wroeten." Photography for tv-programm of Arjan Ederveen (VPRO) www.vpro.nl/programma/wroeten/l

Grants/ prize/ nomination / residence etc..
2018 Nominated for Best Documentary. 5th Annual Awards, Shortcutz. EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
2016 Winner of Experimental Short Film Award. Short To The Point Film Festival (RO)
2016 Nominated for NFF Debuut Competition. Nederlands Film Festival
2015 Shortlisted for Kolga Award. Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Tbilisi(GE)
2014 Stichting dr. Hendrik Muller's Vaderlandsch Fonds Grant
2014 Young Talent Award. Prince Bernhard Culture Fellowship
2014 Project grant, Stroom Den Haag
2013 Project grant, Stichting Sem Presser Archief
2012Grant for project 'Converging Visions', BKVB/ Mondriaan Fund
2012Stroom PRO-Invest grant for emerging artists
2011Artist-in-residence. Residencia Corazon, La Plata (AR)
2011Stroom PRO-research grant
2010Starter Stipend grant. BKVB/ Mondriaan Fund
2009Stroom Spot-documentationgrant
2008/09Artist-in-residence. BKVB/ Mondriaan Fund, Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao (N.A)
2008Winner "FOTODOK" competition "Roadmap to Glory"
2008Starter Stipend grant. BKVB/ Mondriaan Fund
2007Nomination Verbond van Verzekeraars competition
Teaching / lectures (selection)
2017 Talkshow Babel & Co. Korzo Theather, Den Haag
2016 Teacher. All You Can Art summerschool. Insituto Buena Bista/ Kunsthal Rotterdam
2015 Visiting lecturer/ teacher. Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Barcelona (ES)
2014 Visiting lecturer. University of Barcelona. (ES)
2014 Photography workshop for children 9-12 years.Fotodok/ Waterspaarders/CBS Rheezerveen
2014 Visiting lecturer. Exchange as space. Fotodok. Utrecht
2014 Visiting lecturer. Tropenmuseum. Amsterdam
2014 Visiting lecturer. African Studycentre, Leiden
2013 Visiting lecturer. Humanity House, Den Haag
2012Visiting lecturer. Stroom, Den Haag
2012Visiting lecturer. Cineblend. Tropentheater, Amsterdam
2011 Visiting lecturer. Universidad Nacional La Plata. (AR)
2011 Visiting lecturer. Framer Framed @ Imagine IC, Amsterdam
2011Photography workshop for teenagers 12-18 years, Staphorst
2010Talkshow DocuDenHaag. Nutshuis, Den Haag
2009Pecha Kucha. Lecture at Mediamatic, Amsterdam
2009Visiting Lecturer. International School of Interactive Media, Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam
2008Teacher. Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao Centre of Contemporary Art (N.A)

Workshop with streetprostitutes who made photos of their daily life. Collaboration with Stichting Hulp Opvang Prostituees Den Haag and Haags Straatniews.

Work in collection
National Museum of Education, Rotterdam. Het Nutshuis, Den Haag,Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao (N.A)

Karine is represented by Stroom Den Haag www.stroom.nl and is a certified PhotoVoice trainer www.photovoice.org


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